For information on how to join or volunteer with your local chapter please see their contact information below.

If you are interested in starting forming your own statewide or local chapter contact the SICP membership director at to get more information.

Current Chapters

SICP Chapter development has continued to be a huge success as well as a huge boost for the Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals. It’s through local networking that the Society and profession will flourish. These chapters and their members are instrumental in educating their facilities to the importance of the Invasive Cardiovascular Professional as well as the importance of the RCIS. The Society recognizes the RCIS as the gold standard and continues to support the recognition of this important credential. Being able to promote the Society and the RCIS on a local level is the goal of all our Chapters. Chapters offer support from facility to facility that helps to develop camaraderie among neighboring facilities as well as a healthy dose of competition.

Thank you to all  SICP members who are involved with a chapter!