Fellowship Information

The Society of Cardiovascular Invasive Professionals (SICP) requires that individuals who receive Fellowship status in the society meet definitive criteria. The criteria established are:

  • Have sat for, and passed, the Invasive Registry (RCIS) or Electrophysiology Registry (RCES) examination administered by Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI).
  • Active status with CCI and the SICP.
  • Five-year clinical practice in the field of cardiology based in the cardiac catheterization laboratory or clinical workload of at least 1,800 cases.
  • Current staff position at an accredited health care facility based in the cardiac catheterization laboratory.
  • The applicant must have made significant contributions to the SICP, or to the field of invasive/diagnostic cardiology.

The last requirement may be fulfilled by publication in national journals, authoring or coauthoring a book/chapter, serving on committees or special projects for the society, or serving as an officer or committee chairman in a recognized national organization which has an overlapping interest in cardiology. This requirement may also be met if the applicant has been responsible for the organization of, or presentation in, educational programs on the national or regional level with a course curriculum relevant to cardiology.

SICP will consider an applicant who believes that they meet criteria five by other means not specifically listed in the explanation of criteria five.

The applicant should submit proper documentation to support Fellowship criteria's one through five. This should include a copy of the applicant's CV, relevant publications, letters of commendations or service, and any other documents thought to be relevant.

Applicants should mail supporting documents and a letter of request regarding fellowship status to SICP.

SICP also reserves the right to request additional information.

There is a $25.00 Fellowship Application fee.

SICP looks forward to your application!

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